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Are Wi-Fi Signals Making You Sick?
Are Wi-Fi Signals Making You Sick?

If you are worried about outside radio frequencies that are beyond your control from neighbors, cell towers, smart meters and more, it is time to take action. Through a radio frequency meter you can determine how high the levels of radio frequencies are in your home. With radio frequency shielding material like our RF shielding mesh, you can reduce some of the harmful radio frequencies from outside your home.


It’s important to know that your radio frequency meter will pick up radio frequencies from within your home as well as the frequencies that come from surrounding sources. If you have noticed high levels on your RF meter,investing in a radio frequency shielding material like RF shielding mesh to block out some of the external radio frequencies. Safe Living Technologies’ RF shielding mesh was designed for new construction and renovation to be placed under drywall, plaster, and stucco, but also under shingles on roofs and in attics and crawlspaces. An additional bonus of RF shielding mesh is that it can be used loosely over windows as an insect screen.


Safe Living Technologies has everything you need for RF and EMF detection and mitigation. Browse our RF meter options as well as shielding materials today and protect yourself from exposure to harmful radiation.

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GS - Grounding Connector Kit
Standard grounding connector kit including grounding cable (16 feet / 5 meters) for externally conductive Swiss Shield Fabrics (Swiss Shield Evo-Ultra and Swiss Shield Naturell Ultra), AM1 or AM2 Netting, or RF Shielding Foil.

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Signal Protect AM2 Aluminum Mesh
***New inventory incoming Approximately Monday November 19th.  Available for pre-order and we will ship as soon as our inventory arrives***
Interior and Exterior Radio Frequency Shielding Protection - offers increased shielding power from the Signal Protect AM1 Aluminum Mesh -  Sold in 25 or 100 foot long rolls by 4 foot wide.

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